{ Emily + Sarah } Wedding at Pismo Beach, Reception at Sea Venture Inn


Sarah and Emily’s beautiful and floral same sex wedding in Pismo Beach California, was so fun and full of love. They are awesome, friendly, adventurous people with an affinity for hiking, exploring and vacationing in Hawaii 🙂 We immediately hit it off at our first meeting over coffee, and I feel so blessed to have received this job. The bridesmaids stunned in blue dresses and both ladies looked so gorgeous in their wedding gowns, under the white floral arc looking over the beach/ocean. Their love is undeniable and portrayed so beautifully through these pictures.  I am so happy for them and wish them nothing but the best in their marriage and life together. So thankful to have been part of their Pismo Beach Wedding!

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Robyn + Jamaica at Dancing Deer Farms in Templeton

Beer Toasting_Navy Wedding Dress_LGBT Wedding_Central Coast_California_Dancing Deer Farm_ Templeton Wedding-Destination LGBT Wedding_Photographer Debbie Markham

What a touching and fun wedding Saturday at Dancing Deer Farm in Templeton!!! The breeze kicked in nicely and everyone was so lovely, I cried at how sweet the ceremony was. Being a small part of someone else’s big day is so fulfilling and inspiring to me. I love my job! They had a toast while on stage which I thought was so awesome, and even stayed after my photography services and joined in the wedding bliss… Such a fun ceremony and reception, thank you for allowing me to be apart of your Templeton Wedding!

Congratulations Jamaica and Robyn!

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Chris + Pamela’s Wedding in San Luis Obispo

Debbie Markham San Luis Obispo_LGBT Wedding Photographer

I don’t know how I get so lucky to spend my days photographing such amazing human beings.  For a few cherished seconds at this event, it was like I went outside my body and actually watched myself standing there trying to capture all the love that radiated the church, beamed from happy friends and family, hovered in the air.  It was such a joy to witness and capture the sweet summer love permeating the 150 guests as these two lovely ladies got married at the Unitarian Universalist Church in San Luis Obispo. This amazing day, celebrating true love between two completely beautiful women, rippled out into the world and definitely added some good vibrations!

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