{ Dog Family Portraits at the Beach } Family of Three + Adorable Dog

Dog Family Portraits_Family of Three_Debbie Markham Photography

Family portraits at the beach are so fun to shoot, especially when an adorable dog is apart of the fun! This family of three were on vacation from Southern California when they decided to hire me for an amazing photo session at Hearst State Beach (also known as “The Cove” to locals). These sort of shoots feel like hanging out with friends at the beach for an hour. Feel the sand between your toes, laugh as your dog runs around. Plus climb ocean front cliffs for a great photo op.  After all this fun and quality family time, you get to keep 100 sweet Dog Family Portraits that will make you smile for years to come!  I feel so blessed to capture these moments in time for such a beautiful family, and one adorable dog.

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{College Daughter home} Time for a Fun Family Photo Session!

Family Photo Shoot with Picture Frame www.debbiemarkham.com

Booking a photo session makes the most of your time with that precious daughter home from college! Not only do you have fun as a family experience all feeling uncomfortable in front of the camera, wondering how to pose, BUT you then get to keep all the wonderful memories and relive your happy time whenever you miss them!

Way to go Colby family for making it happen ~ obviously they like being around each other!

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Corbet Family Reunion at Hearst State Beach

Our first photo shoot attempt we encountered blustering winds with sideways blowing rain the day prior, so today seemed like a dream!  What a fabulously fun hour, walking, running, climbing, dodging the waters edge. I just love seeing the kids in action and the parents and grandparents enjoying their energy.  Looking at these photos injects a little bit of their happiness into me right off the screen, and that makes me happy!  Thank you for sharing your time with me.

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