{ Jones Family Reunion } Vacation Home in Cambria

Family Vacation Photoshoot _ Cambria

Photographing families that get together through the years as they vacation on our beautiful Central Coast is such an awesome feeling!  I have seen the kids grow and change. It warms my heart to be immersed in the fun-spirited and super-close family dynamic! I feel so lucky to meet so many different families through my job and feel like i’m apart of their experience for a small section of the day. It’s even cooler when you see them year by year and how everyone changes. My job is so fulfilling and enjoyable. Thank you Jones Family for hiring me for your family vacation photoshoot!

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{ Johnstone Family Reunion } Shamel Park and Moonstone Beach, Cambria

Debbie Markham Photography_ Family Reunion Photography _Shamel Park_Moonstone Beach_Cambria_CA

Getting 20 adults together for a weekend is no easy task… but it’s ALWAYS worth it! The memories created from the weekend vacation will be cherished by all and an hour photo session just add more fun! Thank you Johnstone family for letting me do your family reunion photography!


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{Stewart Family Reunion} in Cambria at Moonstone Beach


Meeting in Cambria for a destination vacation for the holidays is such a wonderful idea!  The Stewart family clan came from North, South and East and rented a home on Park Hill. It was another gorgeous day here with a beautiful family!

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