Kaeli’s Portraits

Attempting to capture the true essence of a child in a lifestyle portrait one of my favorite things to do.  And it proved to be a delightful day with the lovely & energetic, 5 year old Kaeli.  Her big brother got to go on a 5th grade trip to Yosemite this week for school, so her mom got her a special photo shoot!  1 chair and a 2 roses kept her fully engaged … love her outfit change into the tomboy t-shirt + tutu as we hit the trail with her bicycle.

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Cayucos Beach {Family Photography Session} with 1 year old Parker!

Debbie Markham Photo-Beach-Family Photography Session-Cayucos

Hiring a professional photographer while on vacation is something my parents never thought of!  Now, I can’t imagine why everyone doesn’t do it!!!  You’ll be relaxed with limited outfit choices to deliberate over, weather is out of your control, so you get what you get which can be moody (like this foggy morning) and interesting!

The memory of a photo shoot is what it’s all about…time together doing something out of the ordinary.  So many clients call me saying it was the highlight of their weekend, because they got to bond more through smiling, hugging, posing, feeling uncomfortable together, and ultimately reminiscing over the photos for years to come.

1 year old Parker was exhausting, he never (and I’m not exaggerating) stopped moving…but the results are so memorable that it’s always worth it.  Good job Ashley and Brian for documenting his action ~ I was delighted to be with you for this hour.  Every time I look at this blog post I’ll feel a little happier looking at your lovely family. Thank you for hiring me 🙂

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Trujillo Family + Maternity Photo Shoot {Moonstone Beach}

debbie markham photography - black and white Family Photos Moonstone Beach July

Escaping from the 112 degree heat of Phoenix, Arizona was the Trujillo family’s main goal!!!  And what a great photo shoot we had on the beach in Cambria, with partly cloudy skies, it was PERFECT!!!!  Now every time they look at their photos hopefully they can remember the cool salt air as they sit in their air conditioned home in Arizona and think about visiting again soon! Seriously though, what a BEAUTIFUL family!!! Again, feeling grateful for such a lovely life I have – photographing love…. mmmmm…. happy 🙂

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