Family Reunion of 30 people in Morro Bay

An 80th birthday is a lovely reason to organize a Family Reunion vacation to Morro Bay for 29 of your favorite people to come together!  Might as well  celebrate by enjoying the beautiful sand dunes and long stretch of beach together on the Central Coast of California, by The Rock.

It was a perfect day on the sandy dunes for this family reunion, with high clouds and soft warm sand beneath our feet.  I always aim to get the 30 person group family photo first while energy is high and there are no tired toddlers. 🙂  Then I photograph each nucleus family, groups of cousins, grandparents with grandchildren and many candid moments as well.  It’s about an hour and a half and

This area of California has such interesting landscapes – The Rock being one of them!  It’s one of thirteen volcanic plugs/peaks leading south towards San Luis Obispo.  The area is full of amazing for short hikes with panoramic views – the closest one is right in Morro Bay by the Golf Course called Black HIll.  It is only a 1 mile hike each way, but gives views 360 degrees over the ocean and The Rock and the inland valley!  I recommend it for an aerial view of the coastline and a view over highway 101 rolling hills.

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