Eden’s { Senior Portraits } from Fresno High School, on the Central Coast!!!

Female Senior Portrait Photography _Cambria, CA_Girl Senior Portrait_Outside_Photographer

Senior portrait photography is so awesome!  High school seniors have so much beauty, sweetness, strength and amazing personalities, and I strive to capture those different elements of each person.  I love how as the photo session progresses the confidence grows, the light changes and the fun evolves. Watching come out of their shells and showing some of their personality for the camera is one of the most interesting and fun aspects of my job. I love talking to seniors and understanding their personality a little while we shoot. It helps bring out their attitudes and style so the camera can catch a glimpse.

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Max’s {High School Senior Portrait} from Mission Prep – San Luis Obispo

High School Senior Portraits 2015_Mission Prep_San Luis Obispo_Photographer_Debbie Markham

Male High School Senior Portraits are great fun – by the end we are really comfortable, laughing, and having a great time!  Thanks Max for jump starting my 2015 season!

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{ High School Senior Portrait } Tiffany – Small Town Country Roads

High School Senior Portrait Session _Cambria Photographer_Debbie Markham Photography_Outdoor Senior Portrait_Country Road_Small Town

Every High School Senior Portrait session is different for each student. I love being a photographer in San Luis Obispo County! Every single student wants to tell a different story through their pictures, and it’s so fun to help them explore that. There are endless photo ops on country roads, beaches, trails and in town with all the different building styles and facades.  This Senior and I had fun jumping in and out of my car on small country roads. Driving by sweet foliage and old sheds to pose by. Thank you Tiffany for letting me take your senior portrait pictures!

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