Actor Head Shots

Actor_Female_Head Shot_Studio Photos_Woman_ Actor Headshots - Central Coast_45 years old_middle age_White Background_Photographer_Debbie Markham

I have a small studio to take head shots in my house and it’s really fun! You can get three to four outfit changes into a 30 min session depending on how fast you are.  Jennifer made four outfit changes and ended up with a lovely portfolio actor headshots! Quick and easy for anyone who needs headshots professionally taken. I had so much fun with Jennifer discussing poses!

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Couples Photo Shoot at Hearst Castle

Hearst Castle Couples Photoshoot _Destination_Profgessional

Usually I shoot engagement photography or weddings at Hearst castle, but dressing up and having a photo shoot at a historic landmark for no reason is also wonderful!!!!  Valeria and David have been married nine years with two kids, and while on their California vacation this Spring without children, they planned with me to capture their love at one of the most gorgeous places with panoramic views of the rolling hills to the Pacific Ocean. Hearst Castle couples photoshoot is such a fun idea!

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Tony’s Head Shots

Debbie Markham Photography-Actor-Head Shots-Tony Costa-Cambria-California

Short and sweet, I love head shot sessions because they’re easy and with a few quick changes in clothes and a prop, you can have 4 different looks in 30 minute session!

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