Corbet Family Reunion at Hearst State Beach

Our first photo shoot attempt we encountered blustering winds with sideways blowing rain the day prior, so today seemed like a dream!  What a fabulously fun hour, walking, running, climbing, dodging the waters edge. I just love seeing the kids in action and the parents and grandparents enjoying their energy.  Looking at these photos injects a little bit of their happiness into me right off the screen, and that makes me happy!  Thank you for sharing your time with me.

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Trujillo Family + Maternity Photo Shoot {Moonstone Beach}

debbie markham photography - black and white Family Photos Moonstone Beach July

Escaping from the 112 degree heat of Phoenix, Arizona was the Trujillo family’s main goal!!!  And what a great photo shoot we had on the beach in Cambria, with partly cloudy skies, it was PERFECT!!!!  Now every time they look at their photos hopefully they can remember the cool salt air as they sit in their air conditioned home in Arizona and think about visiting again soon! Seriously though, what a BEAUTIFUL family!!! Again, feeling grateful for such a lovely life I have – photographing love…. mmmmm…. happy 🙂

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